Don’t Poke the Fucking Bear

"Seems like every game turns to a shit show," Tuukka, sir, you are correct, is what Shawn Thornton did right? No, of course not, and from the interviews it seems he knows that. But can we please take a look at what happened to Marchand only moment early? He’s tripped by Crosby and then literally kicked while he’s down with a knee to the head by Neal. Okay, Neal got his two minutes, but that’s it, and then later in the locker room when asked about it, "I didn’t get a chance to see it yet." Meanwhile, Shawn Thornton is nearly in tears in the B’s dressing room. Now that, is bullshit. Thornton was not right, but neither were any of the Pens. So now as we all watch Shawn get crucified for what he did, let’s remember that Loui Eriksson will be out with a concussion and Kells is out because of an injury from a slashing. As far as I’m concerned one of the Penguins already ended Marc Savard’s career and he’s still in the NHL. People have said it before and I’ll say it again, DON’T POKE THE BEAR. The bruins watch out for each other, they’re a family, so don’t dish it out if you aren’t willing to get it back.